Hemp farm HempBona

HempBona: The story of a family hemp farm from eastern Slovakia that is changing the view of organic farming

Welcome to the fields of the family hemp farm HempBona, where traditional farming methods are combined with modern scientific precision in the heart of eastern Slovakia. From a piquant note of curiosity that led us to plant our first hemp seeds on a hectare of land in 2017, we have evolved into a company that today defines quality, innovation and environmental sustainability.

Our journey to discover the ideal hemp variety has led us to deeply research and test 5 out of a total of 26 certified EU-approved varieties of technical hemp. In the process, on our fertile soils, we discovered the virtues of the French varieties, which not only boast great taste and aromatic qualities, but equally offer a wealth of active substances for the health of our bodies. The pride of our hemp farm is our uncompromising adherence to the principles of organic farming. Every hemp grown comes from fields uncontaminated by agrochemicals or artificial fertilizers to ensure that our products are 100% pure and naturally potent.

After years of growing and experience in distributing our crops to wholesale customers, we've taken a bold step forward in 2021. We established the HempBona brand, under which we now bring high-quality organic produce to market. From the 2022 season onwards, we have prepared and expanded our hectares of fields in line with our organic philosophy, promising even cleaner and richer harvests.

Quality is Paramount to Us

Synonymous with innovation and effectiveness, our collection of CBD oils are born through alcohol extraction methods, ensuring that every drop contains the full spectrum of health benefits. This method goes beyond conventional practice because it can extract the highest number of therapeutically active compounds, including terpenes and amino acids.

Our production also includes a precision triple distillation process. By varying pressures, temperatures, and extraction times, we are able to accurately remove all unwanted impurities and bring out the best characteristics of the cannabis plant, creating true "full spectrum" products that reveal the complete cannabinoid and terpene profile of the cannabis plant in great detail.

Our hemp farm HempBona is constantly continuing to develop and improve its processes. Our CBD oils are the result of strict control and rigorous testing in a GMP SÚKL certified laboratory for medicinal cannabis testing from the Czech Republic to guarantee their unparalleled quality. This laboratory represents the top in the industry and our cooperation with them is a guarantee that everything HempBona delivers is unique, safe and effective.

Immerse yourself in the history of the HempBona hemp farm and discover the combination of tradition and modern science in Eastern Slovakia.

Our HempBona Team


Our head farmer.
Oversees the entire process - from soil preparation, through planting, harvesting, drying, to material storage. Ensures the quality of our hemp is top-notch. Occasionally involved in business activities, but feels best when in his tractor in the hemp fields.


She oversees the creation and development of individual products. In addition, she is involved in developing marketing communication towards customers. She is dedicated to customers, and fieldwork is not unfamiliar to her.


His role is to develop the company's strategy and main direction. He communicates with partners, develops business relationships, and long-term partnerships. As a scientific worker, he oversees the company's research and development activities.

Uncle Miro

Our expert in electrical equipment and automation. He primarily assists from a technical standpoint, but he is a versatile expert and hard worker.


Our main "inventor" and the brain of the technical division. Constantly tinkering and devising ways to improve technologies and streamline farm work.


A perfect tractor driver and hardworking guy with mostly good humor. He knows hemp intimately after 5 years and is not afraid of any challenge. His experience and reliability are invaluable.

Uncle Ivan

A combine harvester through and through. His years of experience and dedication help us every year during harvest.


A loyal companion who brightens every day on the field and beyond. He guards the harvest and drives away uninvited guests 😊