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How to choose the right CBD oil and what to look out for?

Would like to try CBD but not sure how to choose a really good quality CBD oil? You are not alone! The booming CBD industry has flooded us with products to choose from. It can be overwhelming, confusing, and even make people avoid them altogether - which is a shame, because CBD has the potential to help with a wide range of health issues. Topics What is CBD actually and what are the effects of CBD oil and drops? We've already covered this topic in general on our blog. Now we're going to offer you some tips on how to choose the right cbd oil or other product and what to look out for when choosing it.

Choosing the right CBD product

As you have probably noticed, there is a wide range of CBD products on the market , from oils and vaporizers to creams , suppositories and gummy candies. Each form affects us in a slightly different way - for example, all CBD products require specific routes of administration, which means that they each provide different bioavailability and some may work faster than others.

What does bioavailability mean?

Bioavailability refers to how much and at what rate something is absorbed through your bloodstream. It's important to understand the bioavailability of a substance because it helps you determine how much you need to take - and in what form - to make sure the right dose actually ends up in your system. Otherwise, you may not feel the desired effects.

What is the bioavailability of CBD oil?

The bioavailability of CBD oil largely depends on the route of administration - in other words, how you consume the CBD

Find a product that suits your lifestyle

One of the most important things to consider when shopping for CBD products is how easy they are to incorporate into your daily routine. Each method of CBD intake offers its own unique set of benefits and results. Some options are quick and easy to use, which means they are ideal for those on the go, while others may require more time and patience.  If you tend to use CBD at home every morning or night before bed, then CBD oil drops are a great option as you can easily store the bottle in your medicine cabinet or bedside drawer. However, if you would like to take CBD on the go, then capsules or ingestibles such as gummy candies may be a better solution. However, these have lower bioavailability than the aforementioned cbd oils used sublingually.

In case you like the idea of soaking in a hot bath after a long day, you might want to try a CBD hemp bath or sip on a soothing hemp tea, while skincare fans can pamper themselves with a variety of beauty products, from facial serums to CBD-infused massage lotions.

Know the origin of raw materials and cultivation practices

As a consumer, you have the right to know where your product comes from.Cheap and low-quality products often have no traceable origin of raw materials and production methods. CBD oil derived from organically grown hemp is the purest and safest. Local organic hemp is even better! Choosing CBD from organic hemp is even more important than eating organic food. This is because, hemp plants are excellent bioaccumulators. This means that they readily take up and store anything that is in their soil - including any heavy metals, synthetic fertilizers, chemical fungicides, or other pesticides used during cultivation. In fact, if these unwanted substances are present in cannabis, they still concentrate exponentially during extraction.


Which is the best ? Full Spectrum, Broad spectrum or Isolate?

CBD oil is formulated as either full spectrum (full spectrum) , broad spectrum or in an isolate form. Full spectrum CBD retains the raw, rich diversity of compounds found in the parent plant during extraction. Including other cannabinoids, terpenes, phenols, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. Broad spectrum CBD oil has been processed to remove small residual amounts of THC, but still contains some of the other botanical goodness found in full-spectrum formulations. The isolate is separated into one cannabinoid of choice.

For the strongest and broadest range of health benefits, opt for full spectrum CBD oil. Full spectrum CBD uses something called the "entourage effect" - the concept that the multitude of plant compounds found in the cannabis plant produce the most effective results when used in conjunction with each other, rather than alone. In other words, teamwork makes the whole work better.

Choose the right concentration of CBD

Percentage is the best measure of potency or concentration .In the CBD market we can find CBD oils with different concentrations. Concentration means the amount of active ingredients (cannabinoids) that are found in the oil. The percentage given refers only to the main CBD (cannabidiol) and the other cannabinoids are omitted.

The percentage shown on the label represents the concentration, i.e. the actual strength of the product in a drop of oil. Generally, the higher the % concentration of cbd oil, the fewer drops you need and therefore the longer the bottle will last. So while higher concentration products are more expensive , you will need to buy them less often.

Example, With 5% cbd oil one drop contains around 2mg of cbd and with 10% oil around 4mg of cbd. So if we say you take a dose of around 40mg of CBD a day, at 5% cbd oil it's 20 drops of oil a day and at 10% cbd oil it's 10 drops a day.

Transparency and guidance

Transparency and advice on products is another reason why it is better to stick to local growers or producers. Especially with cbd oils, advice is often in high demand and it is very good if it is given in a language you understand .In addition, local growers (producers) follow sustainable practices and tend to be more transparent than big companies. Often smaller companies tend to prioritise quality and customer care over profit.