Interested in cannabis? Come and learn all about it

You've probably heard of cannabis before, but did you know that this plant has versatile uses? Come and we will not only tell you all about it, but also show you. 

Technical hemp can be used to make canvas, food, paper, building material, cosmetics and medicine. It has been cultivated for centuries on our territory and in the Poloniny region. It is a technical hemp. 

We will teach you more about hemp

Visit our hemp farm HempBona, where we have been growing industrial hemp in organic farming for seven years. We will talk about the pitfalls of growing this plant, but also why it is currently regaining the spotlight it rightfully deserves. 

Taste and pick some leaves for yourself

Not only do you get to taste hemp products, but you also get to pick your own leaves for your own hemp tea or bath. You can also (you must!) take original photos for social media in our cannabis "forest". 

What you will experience, what you will see

During the excursion you will discover the secrets of growing technical hemp, taste our organic hemp products and test your orientation skills in the hemp maze. If you want, you can also take a ride on our large tractor, we even have a smaller electric tractor for the little ones. 

Who is our excursion for?

We'd like to say absolutely everyone, but from a safety perspective this excursion does have a few limitations. We will take one person on the excursion, but if you are coming as a group, there must be no more than 10 of you. Why? Because we want to give you our full attention. 

The youngest participant should also be no younger than 4 years old, as our program will last about 3 hours. Also important is a factor that we can hardly control, but will at least hope for - favorable weather. The excursion is not demanding, so both children and the oldest members of the crew can come. We are waiting for you in a village called Pčoliné.

If you are interested, please email us at